Once upon a time, marketers could considerably ignore most technology. Sure, technology could be useful as a communication tool but technology was largely peripheral. The creative side of marketing using technology made things much faster, much easier and much prettier.Now, the game has changed and technology become a major player .

All the job functions of the marketers have moved to the Internet. Marketing is using the Web Technology to get communicate and generate leads .Where we only needed the Information Technology department if our email or website was down but now we need their help for day-to-day activities. We continuosly update our websites, work to generate leads, blog, etc. that we never needed to do before. Some of our needs are so technical that only can be fullfil with IT which can sometimes be challenging for us. This is because of lack of communication and synergy between ,marketing and IT.

Here are a few tips which help Marketing department to have a better and healthy relationship with IT and vice-versa :

1.Give An Appreciation to them :

IT is particularly work for long hours a day . And very few people thank the IT department or show appreciation for the long hours, late nights and high stress of the profession or recognise them for their hard work. Bring a sense of appreciation and you’ll probably find yourself bumped up on that priority list.

2.Give them time to get things done :

While it might seem to Marketers that their request is simple and quick but IT may need longer to do it than you think. Some departments have long and lengthy process and procedures to follow before making a change. So instead of pressurizing cooperate them in work.

3.Ask, don’t order :

Even if they’re required to help you, saying please and treating them as equal as you want to get treated from them, this will help to build the relationship.

4. Building the relationship by occasionally talk with IT even when you don’t need something :

Almost everyone comes to IT with hat in hand, but no one ask them how was their weekend. If they like you as a human, treat them well so they’re more likely to listen to your needs intead of being needy marketing person .

5. Communication is must :

Communication is very important for everyone whether it is in between the company and employees of same department or other department. Same in the case of Marketing and IT , sometimes it happens while working on the project some part of IT work is outsourced by the marketers which may give rise to conflicts between IT team and marketers. So its better to Communicate with IT Team before outsourcing the part of work of them and make sure that whom the work is outsourced is reliable and expert on it. Here are the few tips to choosing the best outsouring company for your project.

6.Establish objectives must be shared :

This is the most important because Marketing and IT traditionally operate against such different objectives, sharing these and using compensation to encourage good performance can really help to change the behaviors that normally are the source of conflict.

7.Get them Working Together on a Project:

Let Marketing and IT to work on a defined project together which brings the sense of cooperation and understanding between them . That helps to build relationships on the ground and it serves as a proof point of Marketing and IT working well together. This helps to sets the stage for deeper partnership.

8. Co-create Criteria for Tech Vendor Selection:

An easy place to get started is in technology vendor selection. It’s the ideal spot for Marketing and IT to co-create something; in this case, the vendor selection criteria is very much worthful. In many cases, this won’t be something Marketing is all that good at, but our IT colleagues do this all the time. Bonus: this avoids to play the blame game on each other when something unexpectedly goes wrong with a marketing tech implementation.

However, these tips may help for smooth working and make easy to handle the future projects . And these tips are also very much helpful for the startup company to start with the small team which is likely to grow in future.
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