START WITH THE SMALL TEAM is likely to grow in future


START WITH THE SMALL TEAM is likely to grow in future

Is a new business or company start with a small team or they start with a solid or large team ???
As we heard this term of Co- Founder of instagram, Kevin Systrom says that keeping the team small was his greatest strength. And I think this will give us a great message that the new startups is to keep operations lean from the get-go.

As in the startups, Company is needed to work hard so they need the employees to be flexible as they meant to work for longer hours. If we are having a small team we are quite close and employees willingly work extra hard while everything settled down. Instead of this, if we have big team or large team then we hardly or rarely spoke to on daily basis with every person in office. When you start out, you have to stay fluid. there is no way to predict the future. As you run a company , you slowly being able to predict the future natural ups and downs but until you need a team who are willing to sacrifice for the good of the company.


As everyone in your staff worked for a long time or hours away from their families and friends. Everyone in your office from interns to upper executives deserves a quality wage for a quality work as it can difficult to pay decent salaries you should pay for their Quality work. Instead , Having larger staff makes budgeting salaries is a very tough task or we can say a nightmare. So, Hire a small staff that you can pay well and work with closely.


It’s true that a larger teams finished projects faster but the total defects doubled and project cost tripled and it’s hard to be tackled by start up company. Larger teams are often unsupportive, less cooperative, uncoordinated. As startup companies has limited resources and funds so they can outsource their particular tasks or projects to a specialist or outsource it to service based companies, As I already mentioned in my earlier article how to choose the best outsourcing company for your project

In the end, A conservative approach is always the safest way to start a company as future is unpredictable and you don’t know what future holds, so instead of having a large staff keep your office staff small. Doing so may take few late nights but result will be best as your staff will prefer to have a dinner in office a couple of times a month to being underpaid employees in an overcrowded office.


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